Book of Concord, Bible Class #28: Ap. IX, X, XI and XIII. The Number and Use of the Sacraments

This Bible study examines Apology, articles IX. Baptism, X. The Holy Supper, XI. Confession and XIII. The Number and Use of the Sacraments.

Quiz #27 (tan sheet): Quiz-27-for-Apr-12-2020-Apology-VII-and-VIII.pdf
Text of the Apology IX, X, XI and XIII:  Apology-IX-X-XI-and-XIII.pdf

Review for Quiz #27: Apology-VII-and-VIII-b.pdf

Note 1: A Matins service was also video recorded and is available at, under the tab, Sermons
Note 2: This is the audio only post.  The vimeo video is also available.   Click here –>  Vimeo Video for Class #28

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