Coronavirus Changes - May 1, 2020

On May 1, Illinois Gov. Pritzker amended his “shelter at home” executive order to include "the free exercise of religion" under a list of essential activities for which leaving the home is allowed.  Trinity Lutheran Church is offering multiple ten-person services on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  If you would like to reserve a spot at one of these services, please contact Pastor Henson at (618) 942-3401 or email (mdhauz@trinityh.org).  We continue to use our website (trinityh.org) and Facebook Page (@TrinityHerrin) to publish services, Bible studies and other helps.

--Here are the latest video and audio recordings:
Catechesis for Easter Five                May 13, 2020    Click Here
Divine Service for Easter Five           May 17, 2020    CLICK HERE
Book of Concord Study #33              May 17, 2020    CLICK HERE
Divine Service for Ascension              May 21, 2020    CLICK HERE
Catechesis for Easter Six                May 20, 2020    Click Here
Divine Service for Easter Six           May 24, 2020    CLICK HERE
Book of Concord Study #34              May 24, 2020    CLICK HERE

Note: Services, Matins/Vespers and Devotions are under the "Sermons" tab.
Note: Book of Concord studies are under the "Bible Studies" tab. 

Members are reminded to continue to follow “Our Family Daily Prayers,” and use The Lutheran Herald.

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