Trinity Lutheran Church is open for Sunday morning Bible study at 9 AM and Divine Service at 10:15 AM in as normal a fashion as is possible.  Disinfectant will be available for pastor and people.  There will be plenty of space for those who would like to maintain social distancing, etc. as well as for those who aren’t concerned.  For those who would like to attend church but desire a ten-person-or-less service, contact Pastor Henson to reserve a space at our At-risk Divine Service at 7 PM on Saturday evenings.  For those who are remaining at home, here are the following videos and audios published of our Bible Classes and Divine Services:

Bible Study #10 on January 3, 2021  CLICK HERE
Divine Service on Christmas Two January 3, 2021  CLICK HERE

Eve of the Epiphany of Our Lord  January 5, 2021  Facebook Live
Bible Study #11 on January 10, 2021  CLICK HERE
Matins on First Sunday after the Epiphany on January 10,2021 CLICK HERE
Divine Service on Baptism of Our Lord on January 10, 2021  CLICK HERE

Bible Study #12 on January 17, 2021
Divine Service on Epiphany Two on January 17, 2021

Note: Services, Matins/Vespers and Devotions are under the "Sermons" tab.
Note: Book of Concord studies are under the "Bible Studies" tab. 

Members are reminded to continue to follow “Our Family Daily Prayers,” and use The Lutheran Herald.

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