24A Creation: More Than Mere Science

“Evolution is promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion—a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality. … Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution at the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today “ (A quote of Michael Ruse in Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.65).

Christ: The Promise of God’s Word.
The Creator became a man, our relative—a member of the human race. He name was Jesus of Nazareth, who obeyed God in everything, unlike the first man, Adam.
“When the fullness of time was come, God sent forth His son, made of a woman” Galatians 4:4

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 8: Two Religions and Man’s Word

There are only two religions in the world:  the true religion of Christianity based on the true and inerrant Word of God and every other false religion which is based on man’s sinful and fallible word.  God’s Word presents the Triune God as the Creator of all things and teaches that when man fell into sin, God promised to send a Messiah.  That promise comes true in Jesus Christ and His work on the cross.  Through faith in Christ and His work of forgiveness, we are saved.  Every other religion comes from the father of lies.

However, we need to distinguish the natural knowledge of creation, conscience and human reason from the corrupting desires and thoughts of our sinful nature.  If by man’s word we mean natural knowledge, then man’s word is not sinful and fallible.  It is, in fact, useful and necessary for the governance of the state.  God’s Word does not condemn the right and proper use of natural knowledge.  Nevertheless, in the church natural knowledge is completely insufficient to identify the one true God or to determine His will toward us.  If by man’s word, we mean the corruption of the sinful nature, then man’s word is to be rejected both in the state and the church.

Due to the present weakness of modern education, most people are not able to rationally defend the truths presented by natural knowledge.  The Scriptural distinction of the two kingdoms means that science doesn’t need the Bible in order to come to the right conclusions.  Due to our sinful nature, even our human reason becomes unknowingly corrupted.

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#38 Faith’s Pouch for Gold, And Love’s Pouch for Silver

When a child begins to understand this it should be encouraged to bring home verses of Scripture from the sermon and to repeat them at mealtime for the parents, even as they formerly used to recite their Latin. And then these verses should be put into the pouches and pockets, just as pennies, groschen, and gulden are put into a purse. For instance, let faiths pouch be for the gulden, and into the first pocket let this verse go: Romans 5 [:12], “… sin came into the world through one man and death through sin….” Also this one: Psalm 51 [:5], “Behold I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me.” These are two Rhenish gulden for the [first] pocket. Into the other pocket go the Hungarian gulden, for example this text, Romans 5 [4:25], “Jesus … was put to death for our trespasses and raised for our justification.” Again John 3 [1:29], “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” These would be two good Hungarian gulden for the [second] pocket.

Let love’s pouch be the pouch for silver. Into the first pocket shall go the texts concerning well doing, such as Galatians 4 [5:13], “Through love be servants of one another”; Matthew 25 [:40], “As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.” These would be two silver groschen for the [first] pocket. Into the other pocket shall go this verse: Matthew 5 [:11], “Blessed are you when men … persecute you … on my account”; Hebrews 12 [:6], “For the Lord disciplines him whom he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.” These are two Schreckenberger for the [second] pocket. (Luther’s Works, v. 53, p.64-67).

23A Creation: Atheistic Evolution Religion

“Almost all atheistic evolutionists claim that because (supposedly) there is no God, their own worldview is not a religion. Many of them would argue that they have a “nonbelief.” …Atheists have an active belief system with views concerning origins (molecules to man evolution—that the universe and life arose by natural processes): no life after death; denies the existence of God; how to behave while alive; and so much more.  Honest atheists will admit their worldview is a faith. Atheistic evolution is a religion! (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.63-64).

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 7: The Left-hand Kingdom and the Right-hand Kingdom

The Triune God has entrusted the teaching of natural knowledge to the state/government (called the left-hand kingdom) for the protection of body and possessions and to maintain order in this world.  He has entrusted the teaching of revealed knowledge to the church (called the right-hand kingdom) to impart salvation.  In theses VII-VIII, we have already seen that the teaching of the Bible alone is sufficient to create and sustain faith in Christ, who has won our salvation.  With this study, we learn that the Holy Scriptures do not always put down man’s natural knowledge.  As long as it is being used rightly, natural knowledge is to be praised and used in the left-hand kingdom.  Natural knowledge is rejected when it is used for religious purposes to supplement or to deny revealed knowledge.

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#37 The Two Pouches of Faith and Love

Likewise in the Ten Commandments, one must ask: What is meant by the First, the Second, the Third, and the other commandments? One may take these questions from our Betbüchlein where the three parts are briefly explained, or make others, until the heart may grasp the whole sum of Christian truth under two headings or, as it were, in two pouches, namely, faith and love. Faiths pouch may have two pockets. Into one pocket we put the part [of faith] that believes that through the sin of Adam we are all corrupt, sinners, and under condemnation, Romans 5 [:12], Psalm 51 [:5]. Into the other we put the part [of faith that trusts] that through Jesus Christ we all are redeemed from this corruption, sin, and condemnation, Romans 5 [:15–21], John 3 [:16–18]. Loves pouch may also have two pockets. Into the one put this piece, that we should serve and do good to everyone, even as Christ has done for us, Romans 13. Into the other put this piece, that we should gladly endure and suffer all kinds of evil. (Luther’s Works, v. 53, p.64-67).

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt.6: The Purposes of Natural and Revealed Knowledge

In order to proceed in a systematic way, we need to distinguish the natural knowledge which comes from the creation and the conscience, from the revealed knowledge of God’s Holy Word.  God writes the law upon the heart of all men as a curb to control gross outbursts of sin (1 Tim 1:8-10, Romans 2:14-15).  God also uses the natural knowledge of creation(Ps 19:1, Rom 1:19-20) to incite men to seek Him (Acts 14:15-17, Acts 17:26-27).  By means of natural knowledge, man knows that there is a God and knows that He demands certain things and prohibits other things, but he doesn’t know the identity of that God, nor does He know how to find a gracious God.  Natural knowledge creates the need in the hope that through the revealed knowledge of God in Holy Scripture, man would come to know the Triune God and come to believe in the will of God to save man through the suffering and death of His Son, Jesus Christ.

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22A Creation: Noah and Ark

“Sadly, most churches today are not teaching their young people how to defend their faith. They don’t understand the true history recorded in Scripture that is foundational to all doctrines and the gospel. Most church are not teaching apologetics (how to answer the skeptical questions of this age). Because of this, so many kids are growing up doubting, not defending the Bible as the infallible Word of God.  The research Answers in Genesis had conducted by America’s Research Group clearly showed that questions about creation, evolution, age of earth, dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark, the Flood, Garden of Eden, etc., were a major cause of why so many young people were leaving the Church by the time they reached college age. Their churches weren’t teaching apologetics to equip them with answers. Instead, someone else was teaching them apologetics—but false apologetics” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.70-71).

#36 Parents, Take the Trouble to Train Children In the Catechism

These three plainly and briefly contain exactly everything that a Christian needs to know. This instruction must be given, as long as there is no special congregation, from the pulpit at stated times or daily as may be needed, and repeated or read aloud evenings and mornings in the homes for the children and servants, in order to train them as Christians. Nor should they only learn to say the words by rote. But they should be questioned point by point and give answer what each part means and how they understand it. If everything cannot be covered at once, let one point be taken up today, and tomorrow another. If parents and guardians won’t take the trouble to do this, either themselves or through others, there never will be a catechism, except a separate congregation be organized as stated above.

In this manner they should be questioned:
What do you pray?
Answer: The Our Father.
What is meant when you say: Our Father in Heaven?
Answer: That God is not an earthly, but a heavenly Father who would make us rich and blessed in heaven.
What is meant by: Hallowed be thy name?
Answer: That we should honor his name and keep it from being profaned.
How do we profane or dishonor his name?
Answer: When we, who should be his children, live evil lives and teach and believe what is wrong.
And so on, what is meant by the kingdom of God, how it comes, what is meant by the will of God, by daily bread, etc., etc.
So in the Creed:
what do you believe?
Answer: I believe in God the Father, … to the end.
Thereafter from point to point, as time permits, one or two points at a time. For instance:
What does it mean to believe in God the Father Almighty?
Answer: It means to trust in him with all your heart and confidently to expect all grace, favor, help, and comfort from him, now and forever.
What does it mean to believe in Jesus Christ his Son?
Answer: It means to believe with the heart that we would all be eternally lost if Christ had not died for us, etc. (Luther’s Works, v. 53, p.64-67).

21A Creation: Dinosaurs

“Land animals (which includes dinosaurs) and man were made on day 6 of the creation week. So we lived at the same time” (A Flood of Evidence, p.157)

“So why did dinosaurs die out?  The simple answer is sin.  When Adam and Eve sinned (Gen 3) death came into the world… Some specific reasons for their extinction likely include environments (e.g. the ice age that followed the Flood, the destruction of swamp lands by man, and so on), predation by man (cf. Genesis 10:9), diseases, genetic problems, catastrophic events, etc” (The New Answers Book 4, p.42)