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Theology Summary Bible Class Pt. 20: Third Genus: Jesus The Prophet

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Everything which the Savior did and still does to save sinful mankind (His official acts) may not be ascribed to either of His natures exclusively, but must be ascribed to both natures conjointly (The Apotelesmaticum Genus).  This study examines the execution of Christ’s work as the promised Prophet for us. When the Scriptures speak of […]

Theology Summary Bible Class Pt. 19: The Modes of Christ’s Presence

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The Scriptures speak of at least three modes of Christ’s presence: illocal, local, and supernatural.  This study continues to explain the second genus in which Christ’s divine attributes were communicated to His human nature so that it was enriched. Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration, VII:  4. The fourth, that God has and knows of many modes […]

Theology Summary Bible Class Pt. 18: The Human Nature is Enriched

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In this lesson, we see that the divine attributes of Christ were communicated to His human nature so that it was enriched.  This happened at the incarnation.  Jesus is not simply a man who was endowed with super abilities from time to time.  According to Colosssians 2:9, “In Him dwells all the fullness of the […]

Theology Summary Bible Class Pt. 17: The Mystery of Godliness

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In this lesson, we begin to fill in page 3 of the Communication of Attributes sheet.  The left column lists a Scripture passage which presents an attribute of the divine nature of Christ, while the right column gives an attribute of the human nature of Christ.  How do we speak about these attributes which both […]

Bible Study on the Liturgy on September 2 2018

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Once a year, I explain the order of the Divine Service which is used in the Lutheran Church.  According to the Book of Concord,  “1] Falsely are our churches accused of abolishing the Mass; for the Mass is retained among 2] us, and celebrated with the highest reverence. Nearly all the usual ceremonies are also preserved, […]

Theology Summary Bible Class Pt. 16: Attributes and States

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After a brief overview of the personal union of Christ and the communication of attributes, this study began with a test which asked the person to determine which genus applied to specific Bible passages on the handout.  Although some Bible passages clearly demonstrated only one genus, more often than not, two or even three applied.  […]

Theology Summary Bible Study, Part 15: Communication of Attributes

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The Christ, our promised Redeemer, has both a divine nature and a human nature united in one person.  This union of two natures in the one Christ is called the personal union.  We must speak in a way so that the difference between the natures is maintained, but we must not divide the personal union […]

Theology Summary Bible Study Pt. 14: The Human Nature and the Personal Union

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This study continues with the testimonies to Christ’s Divine nature by looking at the Scriptural accounts which speak of Jesus as “the Son of God” and describe Him as “(only) begotten.”   The heavenly Father bears witness that Jesus is His Son in Psalm 2:7 and in the words of our baptism(Mt 28:19).  When Jesus’ enemies […]

State of Confession

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This first document is a summary of all the documents, audio files, etc. Our State of Confession Against Six Points The Six Points (Post 2004 Convention) The following are in timeline Order: SID Phoenix Committee at Rend Lake, IL (January 28-29, 2003) Phoenix Committee at Rend Lake Jan 28 2003 LCMS 2004 Convention 2004_lcms_convention_report Four […]

Refuting Objective Justification

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The first video (On November 9, 2014) in the Refuting Objective Justification Series. This is the PDF of the overheads and handouts for the class:  Documents for Class 1 Nov 9 2014p   The second video: Documents for Class 2 Nov 16 2014p The third video: Documents for Class 3 Nov 23 […]