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Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 14: Worldview vs. Three Estates

By luther | July 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

Usually we speak of the Ten Commandments as the law of God which shows us our sin.  Furthermore, we know that only believers can do good works, because without faith nothing is pleasing to God (Heb. 11:6).  Good works flow from faith.  Nevertheless, when Luther describes the Ten Commandments as the fountainhead of all good […]

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 13: The Three Estates

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Although others have explained the three estates (church, family, and state) exclusively, the Word of God teaches these estates theologically and ethically.  Each and every person, believer or unbeliever, finds themselves to be a member of each estate.  The church was instituted in the Garden of Eden, before Eve was created and before the fall […]

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 12: Not a Christian Nation

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Although the American culture has indeed changed, we need to be careful how we describe this change.  The illustration on pages 53 and 82 seems to teach that the United States formerly had God’s Word as her foundation, but now the foundation is man’s word.  Let’s be clear:  The United States has never been a […]

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 11: Worldview

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We need to understand the difference between trying to prove the Bible is true by extra-biblical evidence and showing that the extra-Biblical evidence agrees with or confirms (or at least doesn’t contradict) the teachings of the Bible.  The problem with trying to prove the Bible is true is that the person’s trust now is built […]

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 10: Evangelism

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There are differences between St. Peter’s address in Acts 2 and St. Paul’s address in Acts 17.  The speaker proceeds differently because of the knowledge or lack of knowledge of the hearers with regard to the true God and Creator, sin, death, and the promise of the Savior.  Nevertheless, both speeches use the Bible alone […]

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 9: Acts 2 and Acts 17

By luther | May 30, 2019 | 0 Comments

In this Bible study, we compare and contrast Peter’s address in Acts 2 with St. Paul’s address in Acts 17. The “sermon” in Acts 2 is made to Jews who already knew the Old Testament.  By means of the revealed knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, they knew that the one true God was the Creator […]

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 8: Two Religions and Man’s Word

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There are only two religions in the world:  the true religion of Christianity based on the true and inerrant Word of God and every other false religion which is based on man’s sinful and fallible word.  God’s Word presents the Triune God as the Creator of all things and teaches that when man fell into […]

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 7: The Left-hand Kingdom and the Right-hand Kingdom

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The Triune God has entrusted the teaching of natural knowledge to the state/government (called the left-hand kingdom) for the protection of body and possessions and to maintain order in this world.  He has entrusted the teaching of revealed knowledge to the church (called the right-hand kingdom) to impart salvation.  In theses VII-VIII, we have already […]

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt.6: The Purposes of Natural and Revealed Knowledge

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In order to proceed in a systematic way, we need to distinguish the natural knowledge which comes from the creation and the conscience, from the revealed knowledge of God’s Holy Word.  God writes the law upon the heart of all men as a curb to control gross outbursts of sin (1 Tim 1:8-10, Romans 2:14-15).  […]

Architecture Bible Study

By luther | April 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

This is a one-Sunday presentation on some of the design principles for church architecture. Handout 1: Architecture-Handout-Apr-21-2019.pdf Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS