Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 5: The Bible’s Purpose

The purpose of the Bible is the salvation of man. The law reveals a knowledge of sin and eternal damnation.  The Gospel reveals the person and work of Jesus Christ.  The Word of God not only presents the foundational content, but also creates the faith which trusts in the free salvation earned by Jesus Christ.

The Bible is able to accomplish this purpose!  Divine Authority-The Word of God is entitled to the same faith and obedience that is due God.  Divine Efficacy-the Word of God produces contrition, faith and good works.  Sufficiency(Perfection)-The Scripture presents everything a man must know to obtain salvation without the need for an outside source.  Perspicuity-The Scripture is clear in its teaching of salvation. An outside interpreter is not needed.

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Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 4: The Important of Creation Doctrine

Having established that the Scriptures do teach a young earth, literal six-day creation, this study shows just how important this teaching is by answering two questions. Is adherence to this doctrine required for congregational membership?  And is adherence to this doctrine required for salvation?  Although church fellowship requires complete agreement in doctrine and practice, a person can be saved without an adherence to the doctrine of creation.  In order to explain this answer, this study examines the difference between fundamental and non-fundamental doctrines.

The denial of one doctrine will logically result in the denial of other doctrines.  When man does not logically follow this, it is a called a “Felicitous Inconsistency.” (Pronunciation: fi-lis-i-tuh s )

Note: The first 4 minutes are an explanation of the outdoor church sign which read:
Side One:  Brothers living in unity under Aaron’s oily Beard Ps. 133
Side Two: The Aaronic benediction bestows the blessing of life

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Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 3: The Domino Effect

Denying the Scriptural doctrine of a Creator and His six-day creation will have a profound effect on the teachings of the rest of the Scripture.  In this class, we see walk through some of the Scriptural doctrines which are overturned when evolution is allowed to infect the Christian faith.

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Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 2: Inspiration and a Young Earth

First, we finished up the one-page handout (from last week) which gave an overview of the book “Gospel Reset: Salvation made Relevant,” (2018).  The book proposes the church engage in pre-evangelism, demolishing the wrong foundation of evolution, and teach apologetics.  We will examine these proposals as the study progresses.  We noted that the book’s terms are sometimes vague or not what we think.  I have often use the term pre-evangelism to refer to those gimmicks, which are used to get people to come to church.  He uses the term pre-evangelism for the teaching of the law which comes before (pre-) the Gospel (Evangel).

Second, we answered two questions.  1.  Does the Holy Scriptures teach a young earth, literal six-day creation?  and 2. Is God’s Word inerrant and truthful in every point (history, etc.)?  The answer to both of these questions is yes.  The book of Genesis (1:1-2:3) teaches the creation of the world in six normal days, followed by a rest day.  Holy Scripture is the sole source from which all doctrine is drawn. Not just in “spiritual” things, but whenever the Scripture speaks it is correct.

Note: The first three minutes are an introduction to our website Trinityh.org

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Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 1: Introduction

Secular humanism teaches a progressive philosophy of life using only human reason and free inquiry. By that definition, God, religious dogma, and the supernatural are rejected while naturalism and a commitment to science is embraced in determining ethics and self-fulfillment. The adherence to the theory of evolution is one example of how the secularization of culture has become a problem in the church and in the church’s proclamation of the Gospel for those outside the church. The book “Gospel Reset: Salvation made Relevant,” (2018) written by Ken Ham presents a case for beginning with the Creator and the Genesis account of creation, which teaches the reality of sin and death, before presenting the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

This study will examine the premises and conclusions of the book “Gospel Reset.” It will also use the topics addressed as a springboard to speak about related doctrines and practices.

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