Catechesis on Trinity Two (St. Luke 14:15-24)

On Wednesday nights, Trinity Lutheran Church (Herrin, IL) offers to both children and adults an opportunity for teaching with Learn-by-Heart at 6:30 PM and a catechetical service at 7:00.

In this video from June 26, 2019, we learned stanza 3 of “My Inmost Heart Now Raises” (The Lutheran Hymnal #548) and the Morning and Evening Prayer.  This service is designed to prepare God’s people for the theme of the upcoming Sunday Divine Service.  The dialog sermon explains “The Great Banquet” (St. Luke 14:15-24), which is the Holy Gospel for Trinity Two.

The service concludes with “Recite Word by Word.”    [Length: 1 hour and 3 minutes]

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#48 Matrons Train Younger Women to Love Their Husbands and Children

Thus he instructs matrons to be good teachers and to train younger women to love their husbands and children. I have said what it means to love one’s husband, namely, not merely to cohabit with him but to respect one’s husband, to regard him as lord, to submit to him in all things, not to be domineering. This is a rare quality in a woman, for the female sex inclines naturally toward what is forbidden to it; it wants to reign, to rule, and to judge. From this there come marital discord, blows, and beatings. To love children means not only to educate them for the world but to see to it that they are provided for in body and in soul. For such love the rod and discipline are required, as Prov. 3:11 and 23:13 say; and Ecclesiasticus says (Ecclus. 30:1): “He will whip him often,” because there is foolishness in the heart. Such love is also rare. People love their children for the sake of the pomp of the world. They adorn and save their possessions for them. They do not enrich their souls with the arts, with study, with sound literature. (Luther’s Works, v. 29, p. 54 on Titus 2:8)

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 15: Not Confusing the Estates

The several descriptions of American culture given in the book, Gospel Reset, imply that the former cooperation between public schools and the church (e.g. the Bible, prayer and Christian worldview, see page 17) gave American society a foundational knowledge for understanding morality and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  Page 14 says, “… many in our culture simply don’t have any foundation to comprehend the message of Christ, ever since the Bible and Christianity have been kicked out of schools and replaced with the godless religion of secular humanism” (p.14).  Though, we would not want to mingle the estates of church and state, it is unquestionably true that “Christians and their worldview are treated with increasing intolerance” (p.17).   We might even say that public (state) schools are hostile to the teaching of the Christian faith (p.71-72).

Having distinguished between the three estates which God has instituted, as well as the means and duties of those within those estates, it would be more precise to say that natural knowledge is being denied by the state (and her schools).

    • The denial of the natural knowledge of a Creator (atheism) and Creation (evolution)
    • The denial of the intrinsic value of human life (abortion, euthanasia)
    • The denial of body, family, and marriage (gender, homosexuality)
    • The denial of right and wrong (baseline morality)

It is the job of the third estate (family) not only to provide for her children in body and soul, but also to teach her children.  Either directly or through surrogates, parents are to teach both natural knowledge so that their children might be useful to society, and revealed knowledge so that they might come to be saved and proclaim salvation to their neighbor.  All authority to teach comes from the parental estate.  “Marriage should be treated with honor; from it we all originate, because it is a nursery not only for the state but also for the church and the kingdom of Christ until the end of the world” (Luther’s works, v. 1, p. 240). 

Handout 1: three-estates-etc-b.pdf    (See pages 3-4 from the Large Catechism, 4th Commandment)
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32A Creation: Truth and Holiness

“Coming generations, for the most part, don’t understand the holiness of God and what sin really is. They are all confused. That’s why many think that if you are a good person, you can get to heaven. Many won’t oppose gay ‘marriage.’ They are so used to taking man’s ideas like ‘millions of years’ and adding that to God’s Word, so they take man’s ideas about marriage and add that to God’s Word as well They have been taught that one’s feelings determine truth, and it’s all about love. No! It’s all about what God’s Word clearly teaches. Most of our kids today are very ‘Greek’ in their thinking because of the indoctrination in secular beliefs” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.76).

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 14: Worldview vs. Three Estates

Usually we speak of the Ten Commandments as the law of God which shows us our sin.  Furthermore, we know that only believers can do good works, because without faith nothing is pleasing to God (Heb. 11:6).  Good works flow from faith.  Nevertheless, when Luther describes the Ten Commandments as the fountainhead of all good works, he is contrasting God-ordained works with works which man makes up.  When an unbeliever lives 20 years within the estate of marriage, we should not be afraid to call it holy marriage–as marriage is established by God.  Thus, Luther has written, “For to be holy and to be saved are two entirely different things.  We are saved through Christ alone; but we become holy both through this faith and through these divine foundations and orders. Even the godless may have much about them that is holy without being saved thereby” (LW, v.37, p.364-365).

This lesson seeks to give some sound ways to speak about the God-instituted estates and the Table of Duties for those who live in these “various holy orders and positions” (Small Catechism).   God has established these estates not as a mean of acquiring salvation, but as both the means He uses to preserve His creation, and as the believer’s means by which, living in these estates, he gives thanks for God’s creation and salvation.

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#47 Be Careful, Children Often Ruined By Universities

Here belongs Molech, that is, a king. For these people make great lords, doctors, and masters who are skilled in ruling others. We can see before our very eyes how no one can become a preacher or a pastor unless he is a master or doctor, or has at least attended the university. One must first crown the donkey; then he goes forth and rules. And the parents do not see, or if they see they pay no attention to the fact, that nowhere is youth more grossly corrupted and misled, since no one prevents it. That they fall into fornication, gluttony, and other open wickedness is the least of their corruption; but that they are instructed in false, heathenish art and ungodly, human doctrine is the fire of Molech. No one can bemoan that enough, for through it the most devout and clever lads are miserably ruined in the universities. So great is the wrath of God over this valley of Topheth and Hinnom [II Kings 23:10; Jer. 7:31] that those who learn most and best and live in chastity are ruined more miserably than those who learn nothing and live in fornication. For the latter learn nothing which ought to be unlearned again; they are well aware that they are doing wrong. The former, however, absorb poisons of which they can never rid themselves; they hold evil to be good and teach this also to their pupils. All this is what accounts for the fact that the sun of the gospel is darkened and obscured by human teaching. (Luther’s Works, v. 36 p.224

31A Creation: Fossil Layers from the Flood

“Does the Bible give us a clue as to how the fossil layers could have been formed all over the earth after sin?  Yes—the Flood of Noah’s day.  Most of the fossil record is actually evidence of the graveyard of the Flood of Noah’s day.  It’s not the graveyard of millions of years before humans” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.74).

#46 Three Reasons Why Parents Neglect to Teach Their Child

There are various reasons why parents neglect this duty. In the first place, there are some who lack the goodness and decency to do it, even if they had the ability. Instead, like the ostrich [Job 39:14–16], they deal cruelly with their young. They are content to have laid the eggs and brought children into the world; beyond this they will do nothing more. But these children are supposed to live among us and with us in the community. How then can reason, and especially Christian charity, allow that they grow up uneducated, to poison and pollute the other children until at last the whole city is ruined, as happened in Sodom and Gomorrah [Gen. 19:1–25], and Gibeah [Judges 19–20], and a number of other cities?

In the second place, the great majority of parents unfortunately are wholly unfitted for this task. They do not know how children should be brought up and taught, for they themselves have learned nothing but how to care for their bellies. It takes extraordinary people to bring children up right and teach them well.

In the third place, even if parents had the ability and desire to do it themselves, they have neither the time nor the opportunity for it, what with their other duties and the care of the household. Necessity compels us, therefore, to engage public schoolteachers for the children—unless each one were willing to engage his own private tutor. But that would be too heavy a burden for the common man, and many a promising boy would again be neglected on account of poverty. Besides, many parents die, leaving orphans, and if we do not know from experience how they are cared for by their guardians it should be quite clear from the fact that God calls himself Father of the fatherless [Ps 68:5], of those who are neglected by everyone else. Then too there are others who have no children of their own, and therefore take no interest in the training of children. (Luther’s Works, v. 45 p. 354-355).

30A Creation: They Cannot Both Be True

“First came sin, then the resulting Curse of sin: disease, death, suffering, etc. However, if a Christian believes in millions of years, then they must also believe all these existed before sin. And this would flatly contradict the entire Word of God. For how can one believe in death and disease before sin when the Bible clearly teaches death and disease are a consequence of sin?  These cannot both be true at the same time! This is a major reason whey ‘Theistic Evolution,’ or old-earth, God-guided evolution, is an oxymoron and why no Bible-believing Christian should embrace such a lie” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.74).