#45 To Neglect To Teach A Student Is a Grave Sin

When I was a lad they had this maxim in school: “Non minus est negligere scholarem quam corrumpere virginem”; “It is just as bad to neglect a pupil as to despoil a virgin.” The purpose of this maxim was to keep the schoolmasters on their toes, for in those days no greater sin was known that that of despoiling a virgin. But, dear Lord God, how light a sin it is to despoil virgins or wives (which, being a bodily and recognized sin, may be atoned for) in comparison with this sin of neglecting and despoiling precious souls, for the latter sin is not even recognized or acknowledged and is never atoned for. O woe unto the world for ever and ever! Children are born every day and grow up in our midst, but, alas! there is no one to take charge of the youngsters and direct them. We just let matters take their own course. The monasteries and foundations should have seen to it; therefore, they are the very ones of whom Christ says, “Woe unto the world because of offenses! Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a millstone fastened round his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matt. 18:7, 6). They are nothing but devourers and destroyers of children.

Ah, you say, but all that is spoken to the parents; what business is it of councilmen and the authorities? Yes, that is true; but what if the parents fail to do their duty? Who then is to do it? Is it for this reason to be left undone, and the children neglected? How will the authorities and council then justify their position, that such matters are not their responsibility?  (Luther’s Works, v. 45 p. 353-354).

29A Creation: A Major Problem

“But here’s a major problem. As soon as one believes in millions of years, then you have allowed death, bloodshed, and disease (as exhibited in the fossil record) to exist before Adam sinned”(p.72).

“The Bible makes very clear that death, bloodshed, disease, and suffering are a consequence of sin and the Curse” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.74

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 13: The Three Estates

Although others have explained the three estates (church, family, and state) exclusively, the Word of God teaches these estates theologically and ethically.  Each and every person, believer or unbeliever, finds themselves to be a member of each estate.  The church was instituted in the Garden of Eden, before Eve was created and before the fall into sin.  The family was instituted when God united Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and before the fall into sin.  The state was instituted after the fall into sin, in order to curb sinful outbursts by the threat of punishment.

God has established these estates not as a mean of acquiring salvation, but as both the means God uses to preserve His creation, and as the believer’s means by which living in these estates he gives thanks for God’s creation and salvation

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#44 Mother, Train Your Daughter!

The same applies to you, the mother of a family, if you train your daughter or your maid badly. It is a commandment which is laid upon you, not something which is merely given to you. For if you are able to rear your daughter well and do not do so, you are the one who has ruined her. Conditions are such in Christendom that unfortunately no estate [Stand] knows what it is any more. It is no small thing when a young woman is well reared and becomes a good mother, who is then able to bring up her children in piety. Therefore you parents should learn that you are not excluded from this fourth commandment. There is no lack of learned men now, for at the present time you have learned men, such as the world has never seen before. (Luther’s Works, v. 51 p. 151)

28A Creation: False-Teaching Churches

“And in many churches they often hear, ‘You can believe all that you’re taught at school about evolution and millions of years, but trust in Jesus anyway!’ Most of the Church leaders have taken the supposed millions of years and basically said, ‘We’ll fit these millions of years into the Bible in the ‘days’ of creation, or in a gap between the first two verses, or in some way fit it into the Bible before the creation of man” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.71-72).

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 12: Not a Christian Nation

Although the American culture has indeed changed, we need to be careful how we describe this change.  The illustration on pages 53 and 82 seems to teach that the United States formerly had God’s Word as her foundation, but now the foundation is man’s word.  Let’s be clear:  The United States has never been a Christian nation.  The United State does not teach or enforce Christian doctrine.  She does not rule her citizens by the spiritual or even the civil righteousness of the Ten Commandments.  She was founded by rationalists, deists, and Christians.  I’m not sure that the majority of her inhabitants were ever practicing Christians–but maybe at some time.  We can say that general Biblical knowledge of the population has probably declined.  We can say that outwardly immoral behavior (civil righteousness) has become more acceptable.  We can say that many are openly denying natural law and the conclusions of human reason in order to embrace their own sinful desires.

We also need to be concerned when the church is directed to influence “culture.”  For example, p.117 says, “The church is, by and large, no longer influencing the culture in our once very Christianized West, but now the culture is rapidly influencing  (infiltrating) the church.”  When the foundation and purpose for the right hand (church) kingdom and the left hand (state) kingdom are not properly distinguished, there will be much mischief.  Next week we will take up the topic of the three estates in order to determine what kind of “influence” is appropriate.

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#43 Father, Raise Up a Devout Son

Remember and help to raise up good people, that you, father, may raise up a devout son, you, mother, a devout daughter, who in turn will raise up their children in piety. Thus the servants will also be well trained. A prince and the cities need good people. The prince needs councilors, the cities need pastors and learned men.

Therefore, do not say, as some people are saying these days: Priestcraft doesn’t count any more. If you note that your child can become an able boy, send him to school. If you do not do this, you will have to give an account, and you are a rogue who is against the prince and the city and disobedient to your God. Hitherto scholars have been educated in order to become canons. Now we must devote far more care to educating the children in order that we may find people who are capable of serving a country in its secular government and the cities in spiritual government as preachers and lectors. You see what murderous harm you do to the sovereign prince and the fatherland when you keep gifted boys away from study. (Luther’s Works, v. 51 p. 151)

Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 11: Worldview

We need to understand the difference between trying to prove the Bible is true by extra-biblical evidence and showing that the extra-Biblical evidence agrees with or confirms (or at least doesn’t contradict) the teachings of the Bible.  The problem with trying to prove the Bible is true is that the person’s trust now is built not on the Holy Scriptures, but upon another source of authority.  The Scriptural foundation is the only solid foundation that can be trusted.

This book uses the terms society, culture and worldview.   In this study we try to determine the meaning of the term worldview, and especially Christian worldview.  After examining several individual beliefs/values for both the Christian and the secular humanist, we saw that the actions of each would be different based on their beliefs/values.  Nevertheless, it was a Wikipedia article that explained that “Different demoninations of Christianity have varying worldviews.”  In addition, Wikipedia states that the term “worldview” can be anything from a “philosophical concept to a synonym for ‘doctrine.'”

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