Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 11: Worldview

We need to understand the difference between trying to prove the Bible is true by extra-biblical evidence and showing that the extra-Biblical evidence agrees with or confirms (or at least doesn’t contradict) the teachings of the Bible.  The problem with trying to prove the Bible is true is that the person’s trust now is built not on the Holy Scriptures, but upon another source of authority.  The Scriptural foundation is the only solid foundation that can be trusted.

This book uses the terms society, culture and worldview.   In this study we try to determine the meaning of the term worldview, and especially Christian worldview.  After examining several individual beliefs/values for both the Christian and the secular humanist, we saw that the actions of each would be different based on their beliefs/values.  Nevertheless, it was a Wikipedia article that explained that “Different demoninations of Christianity have varying worldviews.”  In addition, Wikipedia states that the term “worldview” can be anything from a “philosophical concept to a synonym for ‘doctrine.'”

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