Theology Summary Bible Class Pt. 17: The Mystery of Godliness

In this lesson, we begin to fill in page 3 of the Communication of Attributes sheet.  The left column lists a Scripture passage which presents an attribute of the divine nature of Christ, while the right column gives an attribute of the human nature of Christ.  How do we speak about these attributes which both belong to the one person?  In this lesson, we see that the Scriptures ascribe each attribute to the whole person.

How do we speak about these divine and human attributes in the Christ when they contradict?  The Scriptures teach that the Christ, who is both true God and true Man, did not always and fully make use of his divine attributes.  Thus, we applied the teaching from last week concerning Christ’s state of humiliation and state of exaltation.

Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration, VIII:  20] On account of this personal union, which cannot be thought of nor exist without such a true communion of the natures, not the mere human nature, whose property it is to suffer and die, has suffered for the sins of the world, but the Son of God Himself truly suffered, however, according to the assumed human nature, and (in accordance with our simple Christian faith) [as our Apostles’ Creed testifies] truly died, although the divine nature can neither suffer nor die. …

26] Hence also the human nature, after the resurrection from the dead, has its exaltation above all creatures in heaven and on earth; which is nothing else than that He entirely laid aside the form of a servant, and yet did not lay aside His human nature, but retains it to eternity, and is put in the full possession and use of the divine majesty according to His assumed human nature. However, this majesty He had immediately at His conception, even in His mother’s womb, but, as the apostle testifies [Phil. 2, 7], laid it aside; and, as Dr. Luther explains, He kept it concealed in the state of His humiliation, and did not employ it always, but only when He wished.

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