Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 10: Evangelism

There are differences between St. Peter’s address in Acts 2 and St. Paul’s address in Acts 17.  The speaker proceeds differently because of the knowledge or lack of knowledge of the hearers with regard to the true God and Creator, sin, death, and the promise of the Savior.  Nevertheless, both speeches use the Bible alone to bring the truth of Jesus Christ to the hearers.

In this study we are going to examine the two different approaches (to evangelism) which are used in this book for speaking to Christians (pages 11-14 and pages 111-112) and non-Christians (pages 109-111).  This book explains the difference within the hearers as either possessing or not possessing  “the foundation needed to comprehend a Christian worldview” (p.111).

Finally, we make a distinction between teaching about creation from natural knowledge and teaching about creation from revealed knowledge.

Handout 1: Gospel-Reset-Class-Eight-May-19-2019.pdf
Overheads: Gospel-Reset-Overheads-May-26-2019b.pdf

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