#54- Like A Bathed, Clean Sow Who Plunges Into A Mudhole…

“These are the two fine virtues of anyone who falls away from his faith, the doctrine, and the Word: he is both a liar and a murderer. Thus I also say to the father, the pope: “You are baptized, purged of sin through the Baptism of Christ, as St. Peter says (1 Peter 3:2): ‘Your sin and death are drowned in Baptism and in the divine Word; you are thoroughly cleansed and washed.’ But you are wallowing in sin again, like a sow that is washed clean, soaked, and bathed but forthwith plunges into the nearest mudhole and gets herself dirty.’ I say: ‘Dear sow, you were just bathed, and you were nice and clean. Why don’t you stay away from the puddle and the mire and remain clean?’ Thus I also say that the bishops are bathed and made clean by the blood of Christ, that they are also called by the Gospel, that they are baptized, etc. But they insist on turning back, as a sow, after her bath, again wallows in the nearest mudhole and defiles herself; so they also become murderers and liars.

“Your defection from Christ, your failure to remain loyal to Him, stamps you as liars. For My words are the truth, and you do not give ear to them.” He who does not hear the truth is a liar and full of lies. He cannot comprehend and tolerate the truth and God’s Word. After the lies have taken root in him, he cannot be favorably disposed toward Him who speaks and teaches the truth; he hates Him and would like to kill Him. If he does not do this with his fists, he does it in his heart and thus becomes a murderer; for these two virtues, lies and murder, follow each other (Luther’s Works, v. 23, p. 416-417).

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