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Galatians Bible Study, Pt. 4 (Excursus on Divine Call)

By mdhauz | September 27, 2016 | 0 Comments

Class #4:  A call is not determined to be divine because of some inner emotional experience or heartfelt desire of the person.  The call is divine because it comes from God–either directly (immediately from God as it did in the case of prophets and apostles, including St. Paul), or indirectly (mediately from God, by means […]

Galatians Bible Study, Pt. 3 (Excursus on Divine Call)

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Class #3:  In Galatians 1:1, St. Paul is holding up his divine apostolic call, saying, “Paul, an apostle (not from men nor through man, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father…).”  In order to better understand the reason that St. Paul would magnify his call, we are taking an excursus through the Scriptural doctrine […]

Galatians Bible Study, Pt. 2

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Class #2:  St. Paul’s greeting to the Galatians begins with (1) an abrupt defense of his divine apostolic call, followed by (2) a bare bones reference to the recipients, and (3) an extended blessing.  The origin of St. Paul’s apostleship is not from (apo) men, meaning that the source of his call is human and […]

Galatians Bible Study, Pt. 1

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Introduction to Galatians:  After taking the summer off, it’s time to return to podcasting our Adult Bible Class.  This class introduces the author, recipients, time and themes of the book of Galatians.  A cursory look is given toward the Judaizers and the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15). PDF Handout:  Galatians Bible Study class 1 Podcast: […]

Ecclesiastes Bible Study 3: Meaningful Conclusion

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Solomon teaches that success lies only in the hands of God.  We are given to do our work in the present, but we cannot control the future.  He tells us that we should receive a quiet and peaceful heart and commit everything to God.  Some fools respond by saying, “Then let us do no work.”  […]

Ecclesiastes Bible Study 2: Vain Desires of the Heart

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When Solomon says that man’s labor under the sun is meaningless, he is not speaking about the work of our vocation, which God has given man to do.  Solomon is speaking about man’s toil and striving apart from God (or even against God’s will).  Everything which God has made is good.  It is the misuse […]

Ecclesiastes Bible Study 1: Introduction

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For the month of May, we are going to give a cursory look at the book of Ecclesiastes.  Ecclesiastes teaches us about the vanity of man’s heart which is not content with his present vocation but always desires future honor and wealth and fame.  “What does the worker gain from his toil?”  Whatever man seeks […]

Baptismal Life Bible Class – Third Use of the Law, Part 15

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Knowing that the Law can only produce “works of the law”(Rom 3:28) while the Gospel creates faith, which brings forth “fruits of the Spirit” (Gal 5:2) 1 Timothy 1:5), we might wrongly decide that the Law is not to be preached to believers.  In this study, we examine the Scriptural teaching concerning the third use […]

Baptismal Life Bible Class – The Baptized Using the Law Lawfully, Part 14

By mdhauz | April 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

The law can only produce “works of the law”(Rom 3:28).  The Gospel creates faith, which brings forth good works, which are called “fruits of the Spirit”—“love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith” (1 Timothy 1:5).  So what are Christians to do with the law?  How do Christians use the […]

Baptismal Life Bible Class – The Fruits of Faith: Spiritual Impulses and Works, Part 13

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The fruits of faith are so much more than good works.  Without faith in Christ, which produces new spiritual impulses, we could not do good works.  Those impulses include submitting to God’s will, contentment, love, mortifying the old Adam, enduring suffering, facing death with peace and hope, etc. “Therefore we also hold that the keeping […]