#57 Godly Administration… AND #58 Like Our Parents We Beget and Rear Children

#57 Godly Administration of Household, Children, Parents
The work of a married woman is not continuous praying and fasting, but the godly administration of children and the household, and the taking care of parents, as St. Paul says [I Tim. 5:4]. (Luther’s Works, v. 52, p.124)

#58 Like Our Parents We Beget and Rear Children
So I say in this case too: We were all created to do as our parents have done, to beget and rear children. This is a duty which God has laid upon us, commanded, and implanted in us, as is proved by our bodily members, our daily emotions, and the example of all mankind. (Luther’s Works, v. 45 p.155)

State of Confession

This first document is a summary of all the documents, audio files, etc.
Our State of Confession Against Six Points
The Six Points (Post 2004 Convention)

The following are in timeline Order:
SID Phoenix Committee at Rend Lake, IL (January 28-29, 2003)
Phoenix Committee at Rend Lake Jan 28 2003

LCMS 2004 Convention

Four Newsletter Articles on State of Confession (August, September, October and November 2004)
Newsletter Articles on State of Confession

Contemporary Worship Bible Studies (Dec 2004 and Jan 2005)
Study One

Study Two

Study Three

State of Confession Bible Study (January 9, 2005)

Trinity’s Lay Elder’s Presentation at Greater Egypt Circuit Forum (Feb 13, 2005)

Lutherans United (March 2005)

Lutherans United March 2005d

Herrin Lay Elders at Greater Egypt Circuit 3 & 4 (June 5, 2005)
1. Brian and Tony Presentation at Circuit #3 and #4 on June

2. District President Herb Muller Response Presentation

3. Questions and Answers at Circuit #3 and #4 on June 2005

CTCR Dissent Paper (September 18, 2005)
CTCR dissent paper

Update on State of Confession (November 13, 2005)

  1. Timeline for Nov 13 2005
  2. Handouts – Crisis in the LCMS
  3. Handouts 2 Crisis in the LCMS

Southern Illinois District Convention (February 23-25, 2006)
SID Convention 2006 Wrap Up Synod Talk 1

AELLP (May 2006)
Henson Presentation at AELLP

AELP April 2006 b

Question and Answer at AELLP

Synod Talk #1 (October 22, 2006)

  1. SID Convention 2006 Wrap Up Synod Talk 1
  2. Synod Talk 1 Handouts

Synod Talk #2 (November 26, 2006)

  1. Synod Talk #2
  2. Synod Talk 2 Handouts

Synod Talk #3: 2007 Convention Preparation (January 28, 2007)

  1. Synod Talk #3
  2. Synod Talk 3 Handouts 1
  3. Eldona Tri-fold
  4. The Lutheran Herald August 2006
  5. Eldona Niles and Malone

Wallace Schultz (April 1, 2007)

Lutheran Church–MIssouri Synod Convention 2007 (July 15-19, 2007)

  1. Overtures Letter 1 31 2007
  2. Lay Ministry Overture 1
  3. Unionsim Syncretism Overture 2
  4. Structure Overture 3
  5. Structure Overture 4
  6. Structure Overture 5
  7. Structure Overture 6
  8. Women Overture 7
  9. Closed Communion 8
  10. Contemporary Worship Overture 9
  11. State of Confession Overture 10
  12. Overtures Letter 6 25 2007
  13. Letter Jun 27_2007
  14. X8 11 02 and X2 01 05A

Synod Talk #4: Post 2007 LCMS Convention Update (July 22, 2007)

  1. July 2007 Newsletter 4 pages
  2. Synod Talk 4 handouts
  3. Presuppositions of the LCMS 2007 Convention g
  4. Final Report on Six Points of Dissent 2007d
  5. Evaluation of 2007 Synodical Convention

Leaving the LCMS (August 19-20, 2007)

  1. Letter to leave Synod
  2. Henson Letter to leave Synod
  3. Harroun Letter to leave Synod

Free Conference in Oregon, “Called to Confess”  (April/May? 2008)
Part 1

Part 2

Free Conference January 28-29, 2009
Paper: Satis Iam – Enough Already!

Refuting Objective Justification

The Norwegian Narrative

The above paper was presented in 2014 as an evaluation of H. A. Preus’ Doctrine of Objective Justification.


The first video (On November 9, 2014) in the Refuting Objective Justification Series.

This is the PDF of the overheads and handouts for the class:  Documents for Class 1 Nov 9 2014p


The second video:

Documents for Class 2 Nov 16 2014p

The third video:

Documents for Class 3 Nov 23 2014p

The fourth video:

Documents for Class 4 Nov 30 2014p

The fifth video:

Documents for Class 5 Dec 7 2014p

The sixth video:

Documents for Class 6 Dec 14 2014p

The seventh video:

Documents for Class 7 Dec 21 2014p

The eighth video:

Documents for Class 8 Dec 28 2014p


The ninth video:

Documents for Class 9 Jan 4 2015

The tenth video:

Documents for Class 10 Jan 11 2015p

The eleventh video:

Documents for Class 11 Jan 18 2015p

The twelfth video:

Documents for Class 12 Jan 25 2015p

The thirteenth video:

Documents for Class 13 Feb 1 2015p

The fourteenth video:

Documents for Class 14 Feb 8 2015p

The fifteenth video:

Documents for Class 15 Feb 15 2015p

The sixteenth video:

Documents for Class 16 Feb 22 2015p

The seventeenth video:

Documents for Class 17 Mar 1 2015p

The eighteenth (and last) video:

Unedited #1


Unedited #2


Unedited #3


#56 Adam calls His Wife Mother

“Martin Luther looked admiringly at a painting of his wife and said, “I think I’ll have a husband added to that painting, send it to Mantua, and inquire whether they prefer marriage [to celibacy].”  Then he began to speak in praise of marriage, the divine institution from which everything proceeds and without which the whole world would have remained empty and all creatures would have been meaningless and of no account, since they were created for the sake of man. “So Eve and her breasts would not have existed, and none of the other ordinances would have followed. It was for this reason that, in the power of the Holy Spirit, Adam called his wife by that admirable name Eve, which means mother. He didn’t say ‘wife’ but ‘mother,’ and he added ‘of all living.’ Here you have the ornament that distinguishes woman, namely, that she is the fount of all living human beings. These words were very few, but neither Demosthenes nor Cicero ever composed such an oration. This is the oration of the very eloquent Holy Spirit, fitted to our first parent. He is the one who declaims here, and since this orator defines and praises [marriage] it is only right that we put a charitable construction on everything that may be frail in a woman. For Christ, our Savior, did not hold woman in contempt but entered the womb of a woman. Paul also reflected on this [when he wrote], ‘Woman will be saved through bearing children,’ etc. [I Tim. 2:15]. This is admirable praise, except that he uses the little word ‘woman’ and not ‘mother.’ ” (Luther’s Works, v. 54, p.222, No. 3528: In Praise of Women and Marriage, Between January 14 and 31, 1537)