#38B Holy Adornment

But Christians who have the Word of God, as, thank God, we do, who believe it, preach it, and confess it, also have the right adornment. They have the right mitres on their heads, mitres adorned with verses and illustrations from the Scriptures instead of with precious pearls. Thereby they can instruct and comfort people. They wear a cross of real gold or pearls on the tips of their mitres because they are people ready to suffer everything for the sake of confessing Christ, who is the Lord and the glory of our heads (1 Cor. 11:3). They are clothed with an alb of pure white linen, that is, with a good conscience, a pure life, and good works.

Of course, the prophet used spiritual eyes to see this “holy adornment,” and he praised it because God and all the angels consider it splendid and glorious. This is so even though the world will not recognize it as such or attach any value to it, because it does not glitter and deceive the eye, like the crown and splendor of the pope and his false bishops. Indeed, the world regards such divine and holy adornment as a stench and as filth.…

We have shown in this verse what kind of people this King possesses, what the Christian Church is, and how Christ rules and works in the church with power through the Word, with the result that the church willingly clings to Him and obeys Him. We have also seen what the worship of the church is: a new and holy priesthood extending God’s honor and the knowledge of Christ. All this is to happen, he says here, “after Thy victory.” This means: after Christ has conquered His enemies—sin, death, hell, and the power of the devil and the world—in Himself by His resurrection and ascension, occupies His kingdom and dominion, and publicly proclaims this fact in all the world through the Gospel.  (Luther’s Works, v. 13 , p.296).

Picture:  “Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house and the place where thine honor dwelleth.”  Psalm 26

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