#60- Christ Did Not Say Accept Every Resolution of the Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops

“‘Let us agree on the definition {of the words ‘Christian Church’ and ‘Holy Spirit’}, that we may understand the language.’

‘Yes,’ you say, ‘I have in mind the pope in Rome, the cardinals, bishops, doctors, and spiritual fathers when they convene, decree, and order something.’ Let the devil reward you for this! It is he who bids you misuse this glorious name, which deserves to be revered, for such tomfoolery; for example, for decreeing what is to be eaten or drunk on this or that day, or how long the bishop’s mantle is to be, or the dimensions of a monk’s cowl or tonsure, or how far up or down each one is to sit. Is this what you call Christ’s Word or ordinance? Or did He or His apostles ever teach this with as much as a word?

You see that these knaves are double-tongued. They take the words “Holy Spirit” and ‘church’ and apply them to their trumpery, but they do not teach a word of what Christ said and commanded. In fact, they teach and do the very opposite; and under the pretext of the name of Christ and the Holy Spirit they lead the people away from Christ and the Holy Spirit. Christ did not say that I must believe and accept every resolution of the pope, the cardinals, and the bishops; He said that I should hearken to the Christian Church, which has the Holy Spirit, who is sent by the Father in Christ’s name and teaches nothing but what Christ said. This is to be the church, and I must identify it by these marks” (Luther’s Works, v. 24, p. 174).

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