#72 We Do Not Brag That We Are The Church

Now observe, my dear friend, what a wonderful thing this is: we who teach God’s word with such certainty are so weak, and in our great humility so timid, that we do not like to brag that we are God’s church, witnesses, servants, and preachers, and that God speaks through us, etc. And yet, we do not doubt it, since we are certain to have and to teach his word. Such timidity stems from the fact that we earnestly believe God’s word is such a noble and majestic thing that we regard ourselves far too unworthy of its being spoken and done through us who are still creatures of flesh and blood. But our adversaries, the devils, the papists, the sects, and all the world, are confident and intrepid, asserting with great holiness and arrogance, “Here is God, we are God’s church, his servants, prophets, and apostles.” It is just like every false prophet has always done, so that even Harry-wurst dares to boast that he himself is a Christian prince. But the true sign of the true holy church has always been humility and fear in the word of God, whereas lust and wantonness in innovating have been the true signs of the devil—something that becomes quite evident from the pope’s decretals. (Luther’s Works, v.41, p.217-218)

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