Book of Concord, Bible Class #24: Ap. IV Justification, part 4

This Bible study examines article IV. Justification of the Apology{Defense} of the Augsburg Confession.

Quiz #23 (blue sheet): Quiz-23-for-Mar-15-2020-Apology-IV-continued.pdf
Overhead 1: Review-of-Overheads-from-March-1-2020.pdf
Overhead 2: Overheads-for-March-15-2020.pdf

Apology:  1. I forgot to turn on my lapel mic for the beginning of Bible Class and thus you miss half of the review of quiz #23 answers, which included some review.  2. I, also, forgot to turn off the upstairs congregational microphone during Bible class, so the last minutes of the Bible Class dialog will be occasionally covered up by organ playing.

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