Book of Concord, Bible Class #25: Ap. IV Justification, Audio only

This Bible study examines subsection of article IV. Justification of the Apology{Defense} of the Augsburg Confession, which is called “Of Love and the Fulfilling of the Law.”

Quiz #24 (salmon sheet): Quiz-24-for-Mar-22-2020-Apology-IV-continued.pdf
Overhead 1: Review-of-Overheads-for-March-22-2020.pdf
Overhead 2: Overheads-for-March-22-2020.pdf
Overhead 3: Apology-IV-Continued-Mar-22-2020.pdf

Note: The Divine Service was also video recorded and is available at

This is the audio only post.  The video is also available at BoC_Study_25_Mar_22_2020_24hbk.mp4

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