Book of Concord, Bible Class #26: Ap. IV Justification, part 6

This Bible study examines the Lutheran’s “Reply to Arguments of the Adversaries” in Apology, article IV. Justification.

Quiz #25 (tan sheet): Quiz-25-for-Mar-29-2020-Apology-IV-continued.pdf
Chart for Apology IV numbering:  Chart-for-Apology-IV-Tappert-and-Monoglot.pdf
Overhead 1: Luke 7 and Apology IV-III-31-34.pdf
Overhead 2: Overheads-for-Mar-29-2020.pdf
Text of the Apology IV:  Apology-IV-Continued-March-29-Reply-to-the-Opponents.pdf

Note 1: After 15 minutes, one of my children closes the window to silence the chimes you hear.
Note 2: A Matins service was also video recorded and is available at, under the tab, Sermons
Note 3: This is the audio only post.  The vimeo video is also available.   Click here –>  Video of Class #26

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