51A Creation: “Baconian” Philosophy

“The influence of ‘Baconian’ philosophy has progressively caused the Church to disconnect the Bible from the real world—it is relegated to a book of stories, albeit with wonderful teachings about salvation and morality….  Each generation, though, became more and more consistent—if the Bible’s history is not true, how can the rest of it be true?  If the earthly teachings can’t be trusted—how can the spiritual teachings be believed?
The result today is that increasing numbers of people no longer see the Bible as relevant, and so they reject its morality and salvation” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.123-124).

50A Creation: At Church … but at School

“This ‘real’ history the world teaches encompasses such things as the earth is billions of years old; man evolved from ape-like ancestors; the Bible has nothing to do with science; the ‘big bang’ brought the universe into existence; there was no Adam and Eve; there was no Fall into sin; the evidence of animals changing (by mutation and natural selection) is deceptively equated with molecules-to-man evolution; the Bible teaches religion, but school teach ‘real’ science, etc.” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.120-121).

49A Creation: Spiritual Teachings and History

“Much of the church has adopted the spiritual teachings of the Bible (the message of morality and salvation—even that is somewhat questionable today with so much compromise on Genesis in the church!), but has rejected a significant amount of its history.  The is, to most, a book of stories containing important ‘truths.’ But the history (particularly in the early chapters of Genesis) is not viewed as important –or even real.” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.119).

48A Creation: We Can’t Assume

“My point is that we can no longer assume the people we are talking to will understand Christian terminology, or why Christians believe the way they do.  In fact, many just have little or no understanding of the true gospel and what constitutes a Christian way of thinking.  We need to understand where they are coming from, why they believe what they do, and know how to converse with them so they don’t get the idea we are trying to impose what we believe on them.  Instead, we need to help them understand why they believe the way they do from their starting point, and then teach them what Christians believe and why.  At the same time we will need to be answering questions they pose along the way as objections to why the Bible and the Christian message can be trusted” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.112).

47A Creation: Inoculated against the Bible

“We are not in an age where generations have been heavily inoculated against the Bible….  But because of compromise and lack of teaching of apologetics, much of the Church has allowed the once Acts 2 (plowed) ground to become Acts 17 ground that is covered in rocks, trees, and weeds (representing evolution, millions of years, etc.).  Some refer to this as a ‘post-Christian culture.’  And in some ways, we are becoming even ‘pre-Christian.’ Before the seed can be planted, we need to clear the ground and plow it, so the seed (the gospel) can take root to enable a harvest (of souls)” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.108).

46A Creation: It’s as if the devil has said,

“You Christians can go on teaching kids about the miracles Jesus did in the New Testament.  You can teach them about the babe in a manger, and the Resurrection.  You can teach them about Jesus healing blind people and raising dead.  Teach them about the feeding of the 5,000, about the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, about Jonah being in the great fish for three days.  Go ahead. Teach them these stories.  And while you are doing that, I’m going to be indoctrinating those same kids not to believe the Book.  I’m going to use the fake news of evolution and millions of years to brainwash them into believing science has effectively disproved the Bible, making it nothing more than an outdate obsolete book of ‘stories.’  And sine you won’t be teaching apologetics, I will teach my own apologetics through the education systems, media and the Internet to make sure they doubt God’s Word.  The more this happens, most won’t even listen to your message of the Gospel” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.107).

45A Creation: False Information

“Not only do we need to start our message at the beginning in Genesis, but we need to deal with the false information that generations have been taught that makes so many doubt and disbelieve the Bible.  We have to be equipped with answers and be ready to give a defense of the faith against the onslaught of evolutionary teaching that has permeated people’s thinking around the world” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.106-107).

44A Creation: It is a War

“It is a war, but a spiritual one that has been raging for 6,000 years.  Sadly, there is a rapidly increasing number of soldiers in the army of the ‘Greeks’ and depleting numbers in the army of the ‘Jews.’
Many of those in America in the older generations who are still like the ‘Jews’ are not necessarily Christians, though many were brought up in the Church, and many still do attend church. They don’t really understand what is happening, even though they have a Christianized worldview.  However, they do perceive a massive change in our culture, and many are perplexed and even horrified by it” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.105-106).

43A Creation: Turning Greeks into Jews

“Once he (Paul) pointed then to the right starting point and the right road, then he went back to preaching the message he began with—the message of the Resurrection. When he did this initially, they didn’t understand, and his message was foolishness to them.  But after explaining the true God from the right starting point, we see three different responses: (1) Some mocked, just like last time, but (2) others started to listen, and (3) a few believed….   I suggest that Paul was extremely successful and that we should follow his example” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.102-103).

42A Creation: The Greek Road

“The ‘Greek Road’ does not lead up to the message of the Cross, so how would you get the ‘Greek’ to understand the message of the Cross?  You would have to take them off the wrong road, give them the right starting point, and put them on the right road, with the right beginning, that leads to the message of the Cross” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.99).