Divine Service for Pentecost – May 31, 2020

Service Bulletin:  Pentecost-Divine-Service-for-Online-5-31-2020.pdf
Printed Sermon:  SRM1917-Peace-From-the-Holy-Spirit-1.pdf

0:00 Hymn “My Inmost Heart Now Raises” TLH 548
4:35 Service Begins
10:50 Readings: Genesis 11:1-9, Acts 2:1-21, St. John 14:23-31
17:35 Nicene Creed
19:15 Hymn “Holy Spirit, Light Divine” LW 166
21:45 Sermon “Peace From the Holy Spirit” St. John 14:27 (length 15:45 minutes)
37:30 “Create in Me…” LW p.143
38:25 The Prayer of the Church
44:40 Communion Liturgy
58:00 Service ends

–Michael D. Henson, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church (Herrin, IL)
This post is the audio, if you want the video CLICK HERE –>  Vimeo Video for Pentecost
Note: The Bible class was also recorded and will be available at trinityh.org.

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