Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 2: Inspiration and a Young Earth

First, we finished up the one-page handout (from last week) which gave an overview of the book “Gospel Reset: Salvation made Relevant,” (2018).  The book proposes the church engage in pre-evangelism, demolishing the wrong foundation of evolution, and teach apologetics.  We will examine these proposals as the study progresses.  We noted that the book’s terms are sometimes vague or not what we think.  I have often use the term pre-evangelism to refer to those gimmicks, which are used to get people to come to church.  He uses the term pre-evangelism for the teaching of the law which comes before (pre-) the Gospel (Evangel).

Second, we answered two questions.  1.  Does the Holy Scriptures teach a young earth, literal six-day creation?  and 2. Is God’s Word inerrant and truthful in every point (history, etc.)?  The answer to both of these questions is yes.  The book of Genesis (1:1-2:3) teaches the creation of the world in six normal days, followed by a rest day.  Holy Scripture is the sole source from which all doctrine is drawn. Not just in “spiritual” things, but whenever the Scripture speaks it is correct.

Note: The first three minutes are an introduction to our website Trinityh.org

Handout 1: Gospel-Reset-Overview.pdf
Handout 2: Gospel-Reset-class-Two-March-24-2019.pdf
Screenshots of our website: Web-site-pages.pdf

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