Learning Center

Why Choose Our Learning Center?
Trinity Early Childhood Learning Center is committed to providing outstanding care in a warm and loving environment. In response to Christ’s love and the needs of the community, our not-for-profit program addresses the personal childhood developmental needs of each child. Our classical education curriculum will give your child a foundational edge for kindergarten by stressing Christian virtues and language arts.
A superb facility, an accessible location and a staff dedicated to excellence make Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Learning Center an outstanding program in which to enroll your child.

Children's Matins at our Learning Center

Summer School Age Classes taught by Pr. Henson


Our Staff
Our staff is committed to training young children in a Christ-centered environment. The administration of the Center is provided by the Director under the policies of the Board of Education of Trinity Lutheran Church.
The staff consists of teachers and child care assistants. Each teacher holds a degree or certificate necessary to meet the standards of the position. The staff participates in continuing education to keep current with materials and activities available for young children.

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Classical Curriculum
The time-tested way of learning cultivates wisdom and Christian virtue by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness and beauty. At Trinity, classical education emphasizes the tools of learning. Through the reading of good literature, teaching of phonics, careful instruction in the writing form of letters and numbers, listening to quality music, and the beginning instruction in the other fields of learning, the children are given a strong foundation for future education. All of Western civilization is founded upon this approach.

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Children at Trinity Learning Center will be treated as precious children of God. They will be shown love and respect. Children will be expected to follow certain rules. There will be reasonable consequences when children are in the wrong. The children will be shown their sin and encouraged to say, “I’m sorry.” The staff will also share forgiveness and the love of Jesus with the children and encourage the children to use the words, “I forgive you,” when they have been wronged.

Trinity Early Childhood Learning Center seeks to make disciples of Jesus Christ by teaching the faith. Read our Mission Statement.


Our full-day program operates year round for children between the ages of six weeks through five years of age. The Center’s hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Children are accepted on a full or part-time basis, depending on availability.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided for children in the full day program. Lunch is provided daily by our cook, while breakfast and snacks are served by the Center staff. All meals and snacks meet the state nutritional requirements. Menus are posted.

Trinity ECLC is licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services in Illinois. This assures that high standards have been met regarding space, equipment, program and teacher-child ratio.

Infant Fees (6 wks-14 mo)
1 Child full-time weekly: $193
1 Child per day: $50

Toddler Fees (15-23 mo)
1 Child full-time weekly: $185
1 Child per day: $45

1 Child full-time weekly: $172
1 Child per day: $42

3 to 5 Year-Old Fees
1 Child full-time weekly: $160
1 Child per day: $40

After-School Care (Ages 6-12)
1 Child per week: $62.50
1 Child per day: $12.50

Summer Academy (June-Aug)
(Ages 6-12)
1 Child per week: $150
1 Child per day: $40
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