Online Christmas Services 2020

Christmas Services:
Christmas Dawn  Matins  Soundcloud Audio  Facebook
Christmas Dawn  Sermon “The Brightness of His Glory” Heb 1:1-3  Soundcloud Audio
Christ’s Mass Eve Divine Service   Word Press  Soundcloud Audio   Facebook
Christmas Eve Sermon “Highly Regarded in Heaven” Hag 2:6-7  Soundcloud Audio
Christ’s Mass Day  Divine Service  Soundcloud Audio  Facebook
Christ’s Mass Day  Sermon “Christ’s Life was the Light of Men” St. John 1:4 Soundcloud Audio
St. Stephen Vespers  Soundcloud Audio   Facebook
St. Stephen Sermon “Persecution Encourages Profession” Mt 23:35 Soundcloud Audio
St. John Matins  Soundcloud Audio  Facebook
St. John Sermon  “Bored with Life” Jn 21:21 Soundcloud Audio
First Sunday after Christmas Divine Service  Word Press  Soundcloud Audio  Facebook  Vimeo Christmas One
First Sunday after Christmas Sermon ” Preaching Christ” St. Luke 2:34-35  Soundcloud Audio
Holy Innocents  Divine Service  Soundcloud Audio  Facebook
Holy Innocents  “The Deceiver is Deceived”  Mt 2:16  Soundcloud Audio

–Michael D. Henson, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church (Herrin, IL)
–PDF documents are available at under the tab “Sermons.”

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