Theology Summary Bible Class, Pt. 30: Israel’s Request for a King

When the Priest and Judge Samuel had grown old , the nation Israel requested a king to rule over them (1 Samuel 8:4-22). The Scriptures tell us that God Himself had been functioning as their king(Num 23:21, Dt 33:5) by His gracious ruling(Judges 8:23) and protection. After Israel entered into the Promised Land of Canaan, God would raise up judges(Judges 6:14) to rescue God’s people.  Samuel was disappointed in their request. He knew that the people wanted a king like the other nations in order that they wouldn’t have to trust in God to provide for them. Nevertheless, God granted their request and provided them with a king. In his foreknowledge, God foretold their request(Deut. 17:14-20). He even planned on sending them a Messianic King(Gen 49:10). This study walks through 1 Samuel 7:2 through 12:15.

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Theology Summary Bible Class, Pt. 29: Introduction to the King

The entire person of Jesus Christ, according to His divinity and His humanity, is the reigning King of heaven! It is a great comfort for Christians to know that they are in Christ’s kingdom and that their Savior is dwelling with them as their King. This study is an introduction to Christ’s Office as King.

We usually speak of three kingdoms.  The kingdom of power includes the entire universe and all creatures.  The kingdom of grace is limited to the church and consists of all believers.  The kingdom of glory is in heaven and includes the holy angels and all believers who have died. These kingdoms are distinct, but not mutually exclusive. 

The Scriptures also speak about two other kingdoms.  The kingdom of this world is the governing authority in this world and is ruled by laws and the sword. The kingdom of the devil (or the Antichrist) is the temporary and limited rule of the devil in this world.

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