Theology Summary Bible Class, Pt. 22: 3rd Genus Jesus the Priest

This study begins to examine the execution of Christ’s work as High Priest.  Everything which the Savior did and still does to save sinful mankind (His official acts) may not be ascribed to either of His natures exclusively, but must be ascribed to both natures conjointly (The Apotelesmaticum Genus).

Appointed by the heavenly Father(Heb 5:5-6), Jesus took on human flesh.  The God-Man did His priestly work of atoning for the sins of the world (1 Jn 2:2). He has completed that atonement work once for all (Rom 6:10, Heb 10:10). We distinguish within His work of redemption(Gal 4:5) His active obedience in keeping the law and His passive obedience in suffering and dying to take away the punishment which we deserved(1 Cor 15:3). Though faith in Christ’s atonement, believers are declared righteous (Rom 5:19b). Our high Priest “always lives to make intercession for them” (Heb 7:25).

Handout 1: The-Third-Genus-Prophet-Priest-Pages-1-8.pdf

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