The Mass, Pt. 1: The Term Itself

This class and the next one will take a break from our Theology Summary Bible Class, in order to look at the term, “Mass.”  This study begins by the reading of Luther’s writing, “Concerning the Order of Public Worship” (1523) from Luther’s Works, v.53, pages 11-14.  In the Apology{Defense} of the Augsburg Confession, XXIV, there is an explanation of some of the terms used to describe the Divine Service including the Lord’s Supper: Sacrifice, mass, liturgy, Divine Service, etc.

Handout: The-term-mass.pdf
Overhead 1: Service-Order-from-Deutsche-Messe.pdf

#5A Creation: The Bible Stories

“In previous generations, when you said in Sunday School, ‘Let’s read a Bible story,’ most kids anticipated hearing something that happened in history from the Bible. (By the way the word story is take from the Latin word historia, which commonly meant just that—history.)

However, when you say ‘Bible story’ today, most kids (and adults) think ‘fiction’ or ‘fairy tale.’ That is because of this ‘divide’ in generational thinking. Many do not see the Bible as authoritative, trustworthy, infallible, or inerrant, largely, because they have been indoctrinated by secular culture and education. So, they simply dismiss Scripture as a ‘fairytale’” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.21-22).

Picture: There was a small petting zoo outside the museum.