22A Creation: Noah and Ark

“Sadly, most churches today are not teaching their young people how to defend their faith. They don’t understand the true history recorded in Scripture that is foundational to all doctrines and the gospel. Most church are not teaching apologetics (how to answer the skeptical questions of this age). Because of this, so many kids are growing up doubting, not defending the Bible as the infallible Word of God.  The research Answers in Genesis had conducted by America’s Research Group clearly showed that questions about creation, evolution, age of earth, dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark, the Flood, Garden of Eden, etc., were a major cause of why so many young people were leaving the Church by the time they reached college age. Their churches weren’t teaching apologetics to equip them with answers. Instead, someone else was teaching them apologetics—but false apologetics” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.70-71).

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