#44- Seek An Honest and Respectable Woman

“Therefore these dangers to his household came into his mind in order that he might not look for a beautiful or rich woman but might seek one who was honest and respectable, one who would be diligent and painstaking in managing the household. For to be subject to domineering wives is not only irksome but also disgraceful; and they should not lord it over their husbands but over oxen, sheep, and asses….

Abraham understood all these things, for he was a spiritual and intelligent man. Therefore he was unwilling to mix his seed with the blood of the Canaanites, lest his son become an idolater and the commingling of the seed lead at the same time to an intermingling of holy and idolatrous forms of worship. The worship of the saints is evidently plain and without show and splendor. On the other hand, the ungodly are puffed up with their righteousness, and by their show they very easily deceive the weak. Therefore Abraham saw that his son would nevertheless be in grave danger, even though he might not be led astray” (Luther’s Works, v.4 p.246).

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