#45- A Respectable Girl in Marriage

“Therefore Abraham is concerned about his son and about the bride and the family of his son. And this is a matter of divine right and has to do with the definition of marriage over against the pope, who makes a brothel of marriage and does not see any difference between the coition of beasts and that of human beings.

I do not doubt that very many girls were offered to Isaac and that among them there were some who were beautiful, rich, and of noble birth. But Abraham closes his eyes and forbids his son to marry any one of them, not because he opposes the honorable desire of his son, who, because of his age, was now ready for marriage, but because he wants by all means to give him a respectable girl in marriage, not one who would be his son’s ruin and an offense to the entire church” (Luther’s Works, v.4 p.246-247).

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