#48- Get God’s Help When Seeking a Spouse

“But one should not feel or think about this kind of life after the fashion of the heathen. No, one should acknowledge God as the Creator, and one should bend the knee in humility and implore Him in faith to bestow a companion and bedmate. When this spirit and faith are associated with the invocation; then one will be able to take care of everything else in a reasonable manner, to deal with one’s parents, and to listen to their advice. Later on, if everything does not turn out according to your wish, you nevertheless have this comfort: “I have prayed. I have asked God, my parents, and my relatives for advice. If anything untoward happens, I shall bear it calmly.” For it is a great comfort to have God as a Witness and Supporter, and one’s parents and relatives as confidants and advisers.

On the other hand, if you have entered into a marriage at your own risk and without the knowledge of your parents, it will everlastingly trouble and distress your heart. You will say: “Behold, I am being punished for my foolishness and obstinacy. I have displeased my parents; and I, in turn, am being burdened with every kind of misfortune.” That is an unbearable cross” (Luther’s Works, v.4 p.248).

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