#4A Creation: The Statistics

“In research conducted in 2015, we found that 22% of people in their sixties who used to go to church have stopped attending.  But with the Millennial generation, that number was over half (53%). Answers in Genesis also contracted with America’s Research Group to conduct focused research on these American Millennials who have now left the Church. Statistics revealed that two-thirds of young people are leaving the Church in America by the time they reach college age, and very few are returning” (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.27-28).

“There’s no doubt there is a widening chasm between the older generation and the Millennials in American.  The older generation, even those aren’t Christian, have more a Christianized worldview because of the significant past influence of Christianity. Today’s younger generations do not have such a worldview because their thinking has been secularized through education and culture” (p.18-19).

The Picture:  “In the fossil record, there are also examples of brain tumors, cancer and arthritis in various skeletons. If these things existed before Adam sinned, then there’s an insurmountable problem because after God made Adam and Eve, He said everything was ‘very good’ (Gospel Reset by Ken Ham, p.73).

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