Gospel Reset Bible Class, Pt. 4: The Important of Creation Doctrine

Having established that the Scriptures do teach a young earth, literal six-day creation, this study shows just how important this teaching is by answering two questions. Is adherence to this doctrine required for congregational membership?  And is adherence to this doctrine required for salvation?  Although church fellowship requires complete agreement in doctrine and practice, a person can be saved without an adherence to the doctrine of creation.  In order to explain this answer, this study examines the difference between fundamental and non-fundamental doctrines.

The denial of one doctrine will logically result in the denial of other doctrines.  When man does not logically follow this, it is a called a “Felicitous Inconsistency.” (Pronunciation: fi-lis-i-tuh s )

Note: The first 4 minutes are an explanation of the outdoor church sign which read:
Side One:  Brothers living in unity under Aaron’s oily Beard Ps. 133
Side Two: The Aaronic benediction bestows the blessing of life

Handout 1: Gospel-Reset-Class-Four-April-7-2019.pdf
Overhead 1: Creation-Search-Results.pdf

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