Divine Service Ash Wednesday – February 22, 2023

Order of Divine Service
Introit and the Lenten Address
The Litany, p.279-283 Lutheran Worship
Readings:  Joel 3:1-10, Isaiah 59:12-21, Joel 2:12-19, 2 Peter 1:2-11, St. Matthew 6:16-21
Hymn of the Day: “When over Sin I Sorrow” (The Augustana Service Book and Hymnal #19, LW 367, TLH 152)
Corporate Confession and Absolution, p.308-309 Lutheran Worship
Communion Hymns: “Not All the Blood of Beasts” LW 99, TLH 156
“Here, O My Lord, I See You Face to Face” LW 243
“By Grace I’m Saved” LW 351, TLH 373

–Michael D. Henson, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church (Herrin, IL).
Service Bulletin:  Ash-Wednesday-Divine-Service-for-Online-2-22-2023.pdf
Picture:  The Luther Bible 1534: Judges 16:23-31 – Samson’s Death, #352

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