Thanksgiving Matins November 25, 2021

Order of Matins, p.208  Lutheran Worship
Office Hymn “Jehovah, Let Me Now Adore You”  LW 446, TLH 21
Psalm 100
Hymn “We Sing the Almighty Power of God,” LW 441, TLH 43
Psalm 121
Hymn “We Give You But Your Own” LW 405, TLH 441
Psalm 67
Readings:  1 Timothy 2:1-8, Luke 17:11-19
Hymn “Lord, While for Humankind We Pray”  LW 502, TLH 578
–Michael D. Henson, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church (Herrin, IL).

Service Bulletin:  National-Day-of-Thanksgiving-Matins-for-Online-11-25-2021.pdf

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