Theology Summary Bible Study, Part 15: Communication of Attributes

The Christ, our promised Redeemer, has both a divine nature and a human nature united in one person.  This union of two natures in the one Christ is called the personal union.  We must speak in a way so that the difference between the natures is maintained, but we must not divide the personal union nor allow one nature to hinder the presence of the other nature.

The Idiomaticum Genus – Christ has two distinct natures, human and divine, each of which has its own essential attributes, functions, and activities.  The attributes, functions, and activities of either may be ascribed to the entire Person.

The Maiestaticum Genus – When the Son of God assumed the human nature, He imparted and communicated to it divine majesty, glory, and attributes.  However, the human nature does not impart its attributes to the Divine nature so as to limit or diminish it in any way.

The Apotelesmaticum Genus – Whatever the Savior did and still does to save sinful mankind may not be ascribed to either of His natures exclusively, but must be ascribed to both natures conjointly.

[Note: Due to technical difficulties, the audio of this Bible study was not recorded.]

Handout 1: Communication-of-Attributes-August-26-2018.pdf

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