#37- The Benefit of Marriage for Society

The estate of marriage, however, redounds to the benefit not alone of the body, property, honor, and soul of an individual, but also to the benefit of whole cities and countries, in that they remain exempt from the plagues imposed by God. We know only too well that the most terrible plagues have befallen lands and people because of fornication. This was the sin cited as the reason why the world was drowned in the Deluge, Genesis 6[:1–13], and Sodom and Gomorrah were buried in flames, Genesis 19[:1–24]. Scripture also cites many other plagues, even in the case of holy men such as David [II Samuel 11–12], Solomon [I Kings 11:1–13], and Samson [Judg. 16:1–21]. We see before our very eyes that God even now sends more new plagues”  (Luther’s Works, v.45, p.44).

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